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We know smth about Ukraine, we booked a flight, arrived and even had a good taxi ride or funny and advantеrous trip on a bus and subway (called) METRO.
Where are we going? Of course smwhere to put our bags, have a shower, and go trippin....

Аccomodation in Kyiv. Capital has a lot of varieties and options. From expensive to super lowbudget.

The most famous and 5 star hotels are:

Than few 4 stars hotels
RIVIERA (nice view on a Dniper river)

All other hotel are easy to find and book on worldwide net. I can give you some local mobile application for booking in Ukraine. 
Of course first what are YOU looking for is a hostels. Thanx God after EURO 2012 we got more of them. Not like in Europe and rest of tourist world but still. I choose only downtown places. Ukrainian web offers YOU:

KIEV ART-HOSTEL                                              from 105 hrn (apx. 13 usd)
HOSTEL KYIV                                                     from 90 hrn ( 9 euro)
ZIGZAG HOSTEL                                                 from 100 hrn (10 euro)
KIEV HOSTEL                                                     from 70 hrn (7 euro)
CHILOUTHOSTEL                        from must check (they offer Chornobyl tours)
GAGARINHOSTEL                                                from 85 hrn (10 usd)
DREAM PARTY HOSTEL                                        from 70 hrn (7 euro)
THE HUB HOSTEL                                               from 90 hrn (9 euro)

I believe this list is enough. Everywhere is a free wifi, some of them offer free loundry and other hostel facilities. Hostel bussines is growing up. Later I'll make some reports about theme hostels in Kiev and other Ukraine. 

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