Thursday, March 14, 2013


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First when you go somewhere, you read a lot about that country, then you think about weather and prices. Here I wanna tell you and show some basics that you need for Ukraine and no more.

1) PASSPORT, ID - sometimes police can check it. You never know when, where and why!

2) We have FOUR SEASONS, so check the weather and pack light.
3) CURRENCY is hryvna and you have to exchange your money in a bank. You need passport for it (so have it in your bag, pocket). Currency rate for now you can find HERE CURRENCY.
4) SPOKEN language - Ukrainian, Russian, and mostly student age people speak English (in a big cities). In smaller towns or villages its a bit harder to comunicate on English, its getting better with alcohol.
5) SAFETY is pretty ok, but don't play tourists too much, it's always attract not good people.
6) RENT A CAR is not a problem in big cities, but its not so wide spread as in Europe, US or some part in Asia
7) KEEP your money on a credit card while in a big cities. You can use it almost everywhere.
8) FEEL free to talk to people on a street you can find a good, friendly guide - for FREE. (Not everyone but happened - cuz some Ukrainians love to help foreigners).
9) ALCOHOL is cheaper than in YOUR country - its TRUE!
10) DON'T drink like a hell, if you want to FEEL real UKRAINE!

Its short list of before flight advises for you to understand what is Ukraine inside.
Soon we will arrive!

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