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Hey friends!

Today I wanna help you with getting to Ukraine.
As we located in Eastern Europe but geographicaly center of Europe are located in western Ukraine. We have black see ona south and lots of neighbours all around. We do have propriate inte?rnational airports after EURO 2012. Capital is  KYIV. So welcome to FEEL UKRAINE!

1) By air. 
- A lot of aircompanies flyies to main country airport
- We do have some lowcoster airlines. Big one is Wizzair, Norvegian, Vueling Airlines, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, S7.
- From North America or South America you have check Expedia, Momondo or other search fly engines.

2) By land
- CAR. Petrol prices varies: A95 - 10.85HRN (1.30USD), A98 - 12.28HRN (1.50USD), Diesel - 10.50 HRN (1.25USD) - PER LITR!!!
- BUS. Almost from every big city in Europe you can find bus destinations to Ukraine. Prices depends on a country
- TRAIN. Not very popular way to get to Ukraine, cuz our railroads are different from European. We have connections with Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia. But to get around the coutry is one of the cheapest ways (soon i'll write about that). 
- HITCHHIKING is a cheapest way of travelling and it's working in Ukraine. The only problem that you can stuck with is language. Not many drivers speak English or other foreign language. So in future posts I'll give you some language and hitchhiking tips while traveling UKRAINE.

3) By water
We have several sea port destination. The biggest one that has connections with Europe is ODESSA SEA PORT


Hope you enjoy the information. Stay tuned, ask questions, leave feedback


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